LoRA模型:美少女战士 水兵月 | Sailor Venus | Sailor Moon



venus1, 1girl, solo, sailor senshi uniform, blonde hair, magical girl, blue eyes, orange skirt, elbow gloves, tiara, pleated skirt, hair bow, orange sailor collar, miniskirt, red bow, orange choker, white gloves, very long hair, jewelry, earrings




venus1, aino minako, sailor senshi uniform, sailor venus


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链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1YRtsyGYxh3IGYIas-57NaQ?pwd=AIGC

提取码: AIGC



LoRA模型:美少女战士 水兵月 | Sailor Venus | Sailor Moon

Stable Diffusion Sailor Venus Sailor Moon



<lora:sailorVenusSailor_v10:1>venus1,aino minako,sailor senshi uniform, sailor venus,blonde hair, (Realistic painting style:0.9),(faux traditional media:1.0), masterpiece, best quality,bokeh, depth of field, looking to the side, kamisato ayaka (springbloom missive), kamisato ayaka, official alternate hairstyle, official alternate costume, blunt bangs, butterfly hair ornament, hair flower,, 1girl,girl sitting on a chair,butterfly, grey eyes, flower, hair ornament, , outdoors, solo, sky, blue nails, cloud, bangs, looking at viewer, blue butterfly,braid, dress, day, blue sky, breasts, medium breasts, cloudy sky, blush, index finger raised, blue flower, smile, closed mouth, holding open book,tarot,yellow background, <lora:animeTarotCardArtStyleLora_v31:1>

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